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Expert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Services

We specialize in ensuring your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed properly.

We Assist:


Closing Attorneys

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Property Managers

Your Alarms Have a 10 Year Life Span...

If your smoke alarms are ten years old or more it’s time to replace them with new ones. There’s a label on the alarm with the date of manufacture. If it doesn’t have a label, it’s already more than ten years old. If you don’t know how old they are it’s best to install new ones.

You will NOT be able to sell your home without a smoke alarm inspection... So we took the time to learn all the fire code in every town!

Can you sell a home without a smoke alarm inspection?

Massachusetts General Law, chapter 148 section 26F½ mandates that upon the sale or transfer of any residence, the local fire department must inspect the residence for carbon monoxide alarm compliance. Learn More...

We make sure you pass your smoke alarm inspection.

With over 10 years of residential experience, we are familiar with the smoke alarm code for each town in Massachusetts.


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Every Property Is Unique !


We Specialize in Condos, Single, Double or Multi Unit Properties With Common Areas

Current Fee Schedule

*Payment required at completion of installation or agent can request payment at closing

Price per unit - Includes equipment and installation-All smokes are photoelectric technology

Kiddie/Firex or First Alert

Pre- Smoke Inspection
Pre-Smoke Inspection / Assessment - $75
Hardwired Alarms
Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm - $95
Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Common Areas - $105
Hardwired Combo Smoke/CO With Spoken Commands - $125
Hardwired or 10 year Battery Wireless Connect Smoke/CO - $150
10 Year Sealed Battery Alarms
10 - Year Sealed Battery Smoke Alarm - $75
10 - Year Sealed Battery Smoke Alarm Common Areas - $85
10 Year Sealed Smoke/Carbon With Spoken Commands - $115
Plug In Carbon Monoxide Alarm With Battery Back-up - $85
Extra Services
Schedule with Fire Department/Meet Fire Department Day of Inspection /Priority Mail/Hand Deliver Smoke Certificate to Attorney's Office or Listing Agent ( up to 4 hour window ) - $200
* Includes Free Re-inspection if Needed !
Other Alarm Types ( Wireless Connect )- Prices Vary
Nest Alarms Installed

We are bonded and Insured.


We are not affiliated with the local fire department. Please refer to your town's fire prevention guidelines and fees to obtain the certificate of compliance from the town you live in. The fire dept must still come to your property to do the actual inspection and a fee must be paid to them.

**Please note we are not licensed electricians and we can only work on pre existing wiring. In certain situations, we will have to recommend an electrician or wireless connect alarms.